We have an extensive network of members covering areas to the east, west, north and south of the airport concerned with the totality of aircraft noise produced by arrivals and departures, environmental issues, airspace and surface access for Sussex, Surrey and Kent. 

In addition to our local objectives, CAGNE is active in the wider issues of UK airspace, and the environmental damage that Aviation causes to Climate Change and air quality worldwide.

Ask MPs to support Ella’s Law

The 15th February will be the 10th anniversary of Ella Roberta’s death due to air pollution. The second reading of the Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill (known as Ella’s Law) will be 24th February. We

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February Newsletter

You are invited to attend the CAGNE online AGM at 7.30pm on Thursday 23rd February Guest speaker – Climate Emergency UK – as the May elections loom the council scorecard shows how they are doing and

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Petition – Aviation Advertising

We call upon the Government to legislate that, what is detailed in advertisements in our newspapers and on our airwaves, gives a true account of what flying does to the planet, so that the consumer

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How Do I Complain?

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Links and advice on how to complain to Gatwick, your local MP and others

Make A Donation

CAGNE need your support please – make a donation by clicking the button below– leaflets, posters, banners, adverts, noise monitoring, all cost money


Gatwick announced plans to rebuild the emergency runway as a second runway by the back door.  The public consultation is your only chance to oppose this climate change and noise disaster.

Environmental Campaign

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Information about CAGNE’S environmental campaign.

Airspace Consultations

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How you can respond to the various official aviation consultations.

Council Aviation Forum

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CAGNE run an aviation forum for Parish Councils in Sussex & Surrey.


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CAGNE – Working for you

We strive to ensure that every possible effort is made by Gatwick, Government and the aviation industry to minimise aircraft noise and its impact on local communities.

We strive to achieve fact-based, fair and reasonable distribution of aircraft, thus ensuring fair and reasonably shared noise – NOT moving noise from one community to another.

Links & Contacts

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A list of useful links and contact information for Government, Aviation and Environmental organisations.

Jargon Buster

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We have collated a concise list that helps explain the plethora of jargon and technical language used in the aerospace industry.

Link To Flight Radar

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See live tracks of planes. Ideal if you want the flight details of a flight you want to complain about or investigate flight tracks.