Stop Gatwick Expansion

GATWICK CONSULTATION – the deadline is 1st December 2021 and we urgently need you to respond to Gatwick:

We have put together a short document  with suggested answers to the consultation and it can be found here:


Watch a Powerpoint presentation from Gatwick here.

We wanted to let you know that CAGNE is strongly opposing this, but we need your support to prevent this climate disaster.  This £500m expansion is subject to a public consultation but this is your only chance to object – from September 9th to December 1st, followed by an application to the government for a Development Consent Order, could still see the 2nd new runway completed by 2029!

A second runway would not only bring significant additional aircraft noise, but it would also bring an extra 1 million tonnes of Carbon every year on top of the pre-Covid amounts.  That is equivalent to flying from London to Cape Town and back 376,000 times or charging 321 billion smartphones or making 67 million t-shirts!

Your family is doing your bit to reduce carbon so why should this corporation be allowed, when we face such a climate emergency, to continue polluting and seek to drastically increase the pollution further, especially as we host COP26 as a nation?

Here are key points to raise when providing feedback to Gatwick as part of their ‘tick box’ exercise to secure a 2nd runway by the backdoor, or download our suggested replies.

You don’t have to support Gatwick 2 but your silence will allow it to go ahead, so please take part (see above) and STRONGLY OPPOSE.

Gatwick’s 2nd Runway will take annual flights to a staggering 382,000 a year (from pre-Covid 285,000) plus growth of main runway and cargo planes.   Those that suffer departures will suffer departures from two runways at peak times creating noise over new areas especially in the north.  Flights paths will be subject to changes post Gatwick 2 with FASIS (modernisation of airspace that could see new areas overflown to share the noise).

Our roads and single railway line will have to endure 75.6m passengers annually (by 20380) and 80.2m (by 2047) (46.6m pre-COVID) plus workers and cargo? Read CAGNE report on cargo

What of the air quality we hear you ask?  You should be aware that studies are raising concerns about the small particles that come from the airfields that have serious health effects. Read CAGNE report on air quality

There is no silver bullet to an alternative fuel say aviation, set to continue burning fossil fuel.  Read CAGNE report on alternative fuels

How many more houses, schools, and hospitals must be built to accommodate 18,400 new workers? Read CAGNE report on housing

Jobs are often promised by airports seeking expansion, but never materialise – because aviation continues to seek automation instead of employment

Greener sustainable jobs are needed in green industries if we are to truly seek to reach net zero and meet councils’ promises of carbon reduction.

We very much hope you will support us in opposing Gatwick 2, for a greener future for all.

Gatwick 2 fact sheet HERE