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Jargon Buster

There are many terms, expressions, abbreviations and acronyms used in the aviation industry. The list below will help you navigate your way around the jargon you’re likely to encounter…

AMAN – Arrivals Manager System
ANS – Air Navigation Services (Air Traffic provider for Gatwick Airport) CAA Civil Aviation Authority
ANSP –  Air Navigation Service Provider
ATMs – Air Traffic Movements
CAA – Civil Aviation Authority
Casper – Airport noise and flight tracking computer system
CDA – Continuous Descent Arrival
D – Departure (mode)
dB – decibels
DfT – Department for Transport
DMAN – Departures Manager System
EASA – European Aviation Safety Agency
EU – European Union
FAS – Future Airspace Strategy
FLOPCY – Gatwick consultative group over airspace track keeping
FOPP – Fuel Over Pressure Protector
FPT – Flight Performance Team
GA – General Aviation
GAL – Gatwick Airport Limited
GATCOM – Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee
GOG – Gatwick Officers Group
HAL – Heathrow Airport Limited
HUB – Heathrow Hub Limited
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation
ILS – Instrument Landing System
Imm – Recommendation number (taken from Arrivals Report; Imminent)
KPI – Key Performance Indicator
L  – Landing (mode)
LTMA –  London Terminal Manoeuvring Area
LAMP – London Airspace Management Programme
NAEA – National Association of Estate Agents
NATMAG – Noise and Track Monitoring Advisory Group (Gatwick noise consultative group)
NATS – National Air Traffic Services
Nm – Nautical Mile
NMB – Noise Management Board
NPR – Noise Preferential Routes – formed in 1960 to govern where planes flew on departures over non-built up areas
PBN – Performance Based Navigation
Point Merge – Arrival system for aircraft
PRNAV – Precision Area Navigation
PRNAV/ RNAV –  concentrated routing
RNP-AR – Required Navigation Performance – Authorisation Required
RMA – Radar Manoeuvring Area
R’x’L/R/C – Runway ‘x’ Left/Right/Centre
SID – Standard Instrument Departure
SOIR – Simultaneous Operations on Parallel or Near-Parallel Instrument Runways
SoS – Secretary of State (for Transport)
STAR – Standard Terminal Arrival Routes
SESAR – Single European Sky ATM Research
TMA – Terminal Manoeuvring Area
TBS – Time Based Separation
XMAN – Extended Arrival Management