CAGNE invite you to tea and cake this Sunday 22nd at 11-30am at Gatwick Manor

CAGNE invite you to tea and cake this Sunday 22nd at 11.30am at Gatwick Manor, Crawley, RH10 9ST.

A rally to talk about how you can oppose Gatwick Airport’s plans for a new runway and how the changes to airspace will impact you.

This is an environmental disaster if approved so we would urge you all to join us and let Gatwick know we oppose.

There are only 12 days left  to register to oppose a new runway at Gatwick Airport!

Here is the link to register


Your Representation

Here you should summaries the aspects of the application you agree and/ or disagree with and say why. Outline what information, local knowledge, or evidence you have which support this. Please aim to limit this section to no more than 500 words.

We suggest –

I oppose this Gatwick Airport application for a northern runway because it is a new runway –

  • Policy has been misinterpreted by the applicant as this is an application for a new runway and as such does not comply with policy, or the Government’s Aviation Strategy. Gatwick does not have 2 runways that it can operate concurrently today and as such it is a new runway being constructed.
  • Increase in aircraft noise – evidence is that an additional 101,000 flights a year to a cap of 386,000 will be flown.
  • Lack of affordable housing locally to enable workers to walk or cycle to work as the applicant proposes. Lack of amenities and infrastructure for proposed housing
  • Low skilled jobs are offered with little job security due to the volatile nature of the airport’s leisure business and Gatwicks stated objective to automate systems to reduce staff/increase efficiency.
  • Gatwick sits on a single main road, the M23 which is deemed an unsafe smart road. The huge increase in freight, passengers and workers will cause a significant increase in congestion on the M23 and related routes to/from the airport including spillover into residential roads.  This will lead to an an inevitable decline in air quality.
  • The airport sits on the Brighton Main Line, which can’t be expanded. Gatwick seeks to add an unacceptable burden to the line with over 32m extra passengers.
  • We face a climate emergency, and a new runway would add a significant amount of carbon and greenhouse gases – Evidence CCC (2020) The Sixth Carbon Budget – Methodology Report. Available at:



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