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CAGNE  – Communities Against Gatwick Noise Emission

CAGNE is a group that represents (or ‘acts for’) communities east and west of Gatwick airport that are, or might be, negatively affected by aircraft noise and would be impacted by the negative social, economic and environmental impact on the area of a possible Second Runway.

Established in 2014, CAGNE shares flight path and airspace change information with all affected groups, and has a proven track record of challenging Gatwick’s intended detrimental actions and achieving positive outcomes. The CAGNE team is knowledgeable about aviation, the highly complex issues surrounding airspace and flight paths, and aircraft noise. It has unmatched contacts.

CAGNE is supported by 14 Parish Councils, and has Parish Councillors, pilots and those familiar with the aviation industry on its committee. CAGNE works for fair and equitable distribution of arrivals and departures for all affected communities, east and west of the runway, in West Sussex and Surrey.




CAGNE works for fair and equitable distribution of arrivals and departures for all affected communities, east and west of the runway, in West Sussex and Surrey.


We recognise that there must be aircraft and associated noise, but it must be shared equally without ignoring impact on others.


We have no vested interests in any individual community. We welcome all and work for all.


Rural communities must be dealt with as fairly as urban communities are. Rural areas need different treatments because they have different circumstances ie lack of ambient noise.


We are adamantly against the Second Runway not just for noise, but for permanently damaging social, economic and environmental reasons.



Based on past record, we cannot trust Gatwick to be fair and equitable, that’s why we have to fight for affected communities and those to be subjected to new noise.


Airspace is very complex and Gatwick has lamentable communication.


Gatwick has a track record of poor transparency and obfuscation;

  1. LAMP 2014
  2. DNID 2014 and then having ADNID on European SESAR list for funding and as a permanent route
  3. LAM 26 concentration
  4. Vectoring in a multitude of concentrated routes after 4,000ft
  5. Night Flights – lack of charges or controls


Airlines and aviation industry profits, which have no interest in people on the ground, rule the skies over us. That is why we have to fight for every inch. [Gatwick is owned by a New York venture capital company with largely foreign shareholders; NATS (air traffic control) is owned 42% by airlines and 4% by Heathrow; The ‘independent’ Arrivals Review was lead by a Gatwick-paid consultant, the Arrivals Review  was paid for by Gatwick, and Gatwick’s ‘independent’ Noise Management Board is lead by members of the same Gatwick-paid team. IAQO has only one community representative for an international forum. GATCOM is predominantly made up of Gatwick interested individuals and business, and GATCOM has no authority over Gatwick management.  FLOPSC is a noise body but it is questionable how much communities are considered.



To ensure that communities, east and west, are fairly and properly represented on Gatwick’s Noise Management Board which will deal with arrivals and departures, only the modernisation of the future of airspace and not the past.



CAGNE strives to ensure that every possible effort is made by Gatwick, Government and the aviation industry to minimise aircraft noise and its impact on local communities.
CAGNE strives to achieve fact-based, fair and reasonable distribution of aircraft, thus fair and reasonably shared noise not moving noise from one community to another.


CAGNE has a track record of getting it right; breaking down jargon filled consultations and helping perish councils and residents to fight to save tranquillity.  CAGNE strives to acquire knowledge of plans for flight paths and other proposed changes by Gatwick and other aviation players that might negatively impact communities in advance of implementation, and then effect positive change for all.

CAGNE will inform residents and share information on new flight paths in and out of Gatwick Airport, and other matters of concern.


CAGNE vehemently opposes a second runway at Gatwick Airport, effectively a second airport making Gatwick the size of Heathrow. The area is totally inappropriate socially, economically and environmentally. Some key facts are:

  • Gatwick will increase aircraft movements from some 270,000 to 560,000 per year – that is one every 65 seconds.
  • They will fly virtually 24 hours a day.
  • Gatwick will be larger than Heathrow.
  • It will need 62,000 new staff, mostly low paid. But Sussex and Surrey have virtually no unemployment. So they will be imported workers.
  • How will they commute? We have the worst railway line in the UK that cannot be expanded.
  • How will they drive? We only have one motorways – M23. It is among the most congested in the UK now and cannot be expanded.
  • Railway, one of the worst in the country, will have 90,000 added daily by Gatwick 2
  • There will be an estimated extra 100,000 vehicles a day plus 1000% freight and vans
  • If the workers want to live here, where will they live? We have a housing shortage now?
  • Where will their children go to school? We have a shortage of places now.
  • Which doctor, dentist, and hospital will they go to? They are all inadequate now.
  • The road and railway will be shared by an additional 24000, 000 passengers a year.
  • And, who will pay for any attempts to improve the infrastructure because Gatwick’s budget has nothing. It’ll be you and me.

Specific issues we address

  • Second runway.
  • Growth of night flights instead of charging more for night movements or a total ban on night flights
  • Performance Based Navigation – (flying by sat-nav in narrow concentrated lines on arrivals) demand that this be designed to benefit residents and not airlines and Gatwick Airport.
  • Fight to stop removal of  Noise Preferential Routes (NPRs).
  • Oppose single merge points of all flights with all arrivals systems and the introduction of super highways
  • Demand that ‘residents come first’ over noise impact on quality of life.
  • Demand full compensation (ie house value and inconvenience costs) for those affected by low flying aircraft noise, 2 miles either side of the flight path route in a 20 mile radius.
  • Demand that noisy aircraft e.g A320s, be adapted to reduce noise faster.
  • Raise awareness of the health implications and oppose increases in emissions from an expanded Gatwick Airport.
  • Raise residents’ awareness of Gatwick’s plans to destroy our rural areas of West Sussex, Surrey and beyond.
  • CAGNE meets regularly and welcomes all to attend public meetings.  We are privately funded and appeal for contributions of money and time, how ever small or large. Our committee consists of local representatives who include aviation experts and those knowledgeable on law and aviation.