We hope it’s not a Gatwick Airport April Fool Joke!

Ever since Gatwick Airport removed the noise complaint phone line CAGNE has lobbied to ensure it was replaced and have had some support from local councillors.

CAGNE are delighted that from the 1st April Gatwick Airport are returning the noise complaint phone line of 01293 311568.

“The CAGNE committee felt strongly that the removal of the phone line was an act of discrimination against those that do not have access to the Internet, those that are elderly or blind as Gatwick Airport management expected them to write a letter and walk to a post box every time they wished to complain about an noisy plane.

For many the garden is a place of sanctuary, a very special outdoor space, full of colour and sweet smelling flora and fauna, which is especially important during the warmer months when Gatwick is busier. To expect older, disabled residents or even those that do not have Internet to write a letter every time their tranquilly was disrupted was unacceptable in our book,” said CAGNE.

Those that suffer Gatwick’s continual noise breaches will also have a new flight tracker website, online form to complain via, and a mobile app for iPhones and Android.

Flight tracker link https://webtrak.emsbk.com/lgw2

Online web form https://viewpoint-eu.emsbk.com/lgw3

Mobile app https://viewpoint-app.emsbk.com/lgw3

from an iPhone tap the box with vertical arrow and select add to home screen

from an Android tap the 3 menu dots and select save to homepage

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