On, Wednesday 26th June, an environmental campaign was launched by CAGNE

On, Wednesday 26th June, an environmental campaign was launched by CAGNE and we ask for your support.

‘Pledge to Fly Less ‘ hopes to raise awareness of what flying is doing to our planet as planes burns fossil fuel.  How aviation is heavily subsidised as it avoids paying VAT and duty on fuel, whilst less than half of the UK population actually fly!

If you fly 4 times a year, THINK before you fly again…….

  • Can I reduce the number of times I fly this year?
  • Is there a climate smart form of transport I could take instead?
  • Will it really make a difference to the planet?  Yes it really will!

Aviation is the ‘big elephant’ in the room when it comes to climate change and it is down to each of us to take action to reduce the demand to fly.  Which will be good news for the planet and for those that suffer aircraft noise.

In an ideal world we would all stop flying until aviation had the technology to stop polluting, perhaps an unrealistic ask for many, so we simply ask you to reduce their carbon footprint as we must all become climate-smart travellers for the sake of future generations and other industries.

Germany and Sweden are leading the way internationally with campaigns to shame flyers.  As a result there has been a reduction in air travel resulting in an increase in rail passengers.

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‘Pledge to fly less’ is the environmental campaign from CAGNE – www.cagne.org, cagnegatwick@gmail.com

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