Noise Management Board (NMB)

This report outlines the findings and recommendations of the review of the Noise Management Board (NMB).

It is an important milestone in the progress of noise strategies for Gatwick and the effective engagement of all the stakeholders involved, from residents to the aviation and Government organisations involved.

The NMB Committee members recognize the importance of this work, we have each done our best to understand all points of view, and to represent all views when developing our findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Our work has confirmed that all stakeholders want to see more focus on noise reduction actions going forward. It is also apparent that all NMB members need to be held to account for their part in the delivery of a successful noise mitigation strategy.

This includes not just the technical measures, but also the efficient conduct of meetings and adherence to an agreed Code of Conduct, workplan and schedule. Our conclusions and recommendations take these aspects into account.

The full NMB can be found here

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