Looking towards 2017

The much anticipated Department for Transport night flight consultation was due out before Christmas but we now hear it will be next week, so please expect another CAGNE Bulletin soon that will need your action as we suspect they will only give us 6 weeks to respond.

The next Department for Transport (DfT) consultation will be about national airspace policy, mostly relating to Heathrow expansion, but we can expect some ramifications for us all that suffer Gatwick aircraft traffic, so again be ready to respond when we ask you to!

The DfT and the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) are forming consultative committees and CAGNE has tried to be party to them, but a bit like the Gatwick consultative committee, they are being very ‘selective’ as to members. We do have a voice on the DfT committee through a national group of action groups, the ACF, which CAGNE was party to forming, . It will be down to GATCOM to nominate a person to sit on the CAA committee so we are not sure how well the communities will be represented.
Gatwick 2nd Runway – Gatwick have seen growth this winter in long-haul and thus many to the west of Gatwick have suffered greatly from ‘big buses’ struggling to reach heights and this has not been helped by the freight loads.

Dubai and Dublin being number one destinations over the Christmas period – more holidaymakers and UK money exported out of the UK treasury.

Gatwick 2nd Runway – This summer we can expect to see increases in flights as a number of new routes are on the cards for Norwegian Airlines and Air Canada.

The Noise Management Board (set up by Gatwick to deal with the community anger over arriving aircraft) – Talk continues about the widening of the swathe and we keep pushing for a departure review but with Sir Roy McNulty moving to Vice-Chairman of Gatwick and the new Chairman arriving from HS2 – we are not sure what will be the future of the NMB.

If you would like to attend the first public meeting of the NMB is which during the day on Tuesday 31st January, you need to contact Vicki.hughes@gatwickairport.com for a ticket.

The new CAGNE Parish and Town Council Forum was formalised towards the end of 2016 and we are delighted to report that 17 councils are now members with 2 following. There is a dedicated website www.cagnepcforum.org.uk

Any council wishing to join can do so through this site. It is an aviation forum, a sharing of information whereby councils provide important feedback to the Chair of CAGNE who sits on the NMB and subs on as well as learning about aviation and are informed immediately about developments that may affected their areas.

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