The Government has launched 3 consultations

The Government has launched 3 consultations and we would encourage you to participate, as it will impact you.

The Transport Select Committee have an inquiry; deadline 24th March 2017, in to the Airports National Policy Statement

Comments on this can be made using the form in the web link above –  it is very straight forward.  The CAGNE full response can be found here but summary comments on Why Gatwick expansion is wrong for the UK are:

  • Gatwick is the wrong side of London;
  • Gatwick is reliant upon European low cost holiday travel;
  • Gatwick has only one road and one railway line which are congested;
  • Gatwick profits from retailing and car parking and does little for UK economy:
  • Gatwick does not attract business travel due to location;
  • Gatwick expansion is not supported by airlines, MPs or councils that surround it;
  • Gatwick is surrounded by tranquil areas of outstanding natural beauty and conservation areas and villages which is would destroy with aircraft noise day and night 365 days a year;
  • Gatwick expansion would destroy more Grade II listed buildings than HS2;
  • Gatwick owners are not into airport growth for the long-haul;
  • Aviation growth is destroying the planet; Gatwick uses up carbon footprint to export leisure traffic out of the UK which brings little benefits to the UK purse or climate change targets; Aviation should be made to pay like other industries with a green tax, duty and VAT;
  • Gatwick expansion would have the same impact on Climate Change as Heathrow;
  • Gatwick expansion would only take more money out of the UK purse;
  • Gatwick potentially could cause more pollution than Heathrow due to no infrastructure in all counties that neighbour it;
  • Gatwick is not trusted.
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