Gatwick has more night flights than Heathrow or Stansted Airports

The Government Department for Transport (DfT) has released the long awaited night flight consultation documents. and consultation responses can be submitted using our online response form at

Residents only have until 28th February to comment on the proposals.

Sally Pavey Chair of CAGNE said:

“We would like to see a total ban on Gatwick night flights as this is a major complaint we receive from communities. Summer nights especially when communities want to enjoy their gardens and have windows open on hot evenings.”

The current restrictions on night movements expire in October 2017 and the DfT consultation details the proposals for the restrictions that should replace them. It is proposed that the restrictions should last for five years, separate to Heathrow expansion proposals of a night ban.

“It is good to see that the Government acknowledges that aircraft noise at night represents the least acceptable form of aircraft noise, but they seem to accept the economic case over the health implications of allowing night flights to continue.”

Gatwick has already introduced a system that encourages airlines to fly quieter planes at night but this still includes planes that residents would class as noise unacceptable, over 20 years old.

“We would like to see better scheduling of night movements and that the 6-7am period be included in the night quotas at Gatwick”.

Gatwick would seem to target a 10% growth as desirable for the airport so communities must make their voices known to the DfT through this latest aviation consultation.

“This winter season has witnessed an increase in flights which has not provided the respite communities normally welcome at this time of year.  

We know residents are dreading the summer months as Gatwick continues to cause major noise issues for communities in a 30 miles radius off its single runway with concentrated flight paths to and from the airport,” said Sally.

The annual noise reports for all three airports can be found online at:

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