Gatwick Expansion Plans

The court decision concerning Heathrow expansion is to be challenged by the backers of Heathrow.

The Airport Commission found unanimously in favour of Heathrow expansion for many reasons including the lack of work force, poor infrastructure and not the economic answer for our country to prosper – nothing has changed.

Gatwick expansion with 3 runways would have the same impact on climate change as Heathrow expansion so not meet the Paris agreement.  With 2runways it would release nearly 1 million tonnes of extra carbon  every year.

This month CAGNE meets with legal team and barrister to discuss Gatwick’s current plans to rebuild the emergency runway as a 2nd  runway.  Thank you to parish councils and individuals that have generously contributed to our legal fund to date.  We continue to ask you to write to the Secretary of State for Transport to ‘call in’ the growth from the main runway as we need planning restrictions the same as at Bristol and Stansted airports. See suggested letter here

“If Gatwick Airport desires growth, then it must pay for the ramifications on our quality of life and the planet”, said CAGNE, a leading voice in opposing airport expansion and new flight paths over new areas.

CAGNE (Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions) is working with local authorities as they face Gatwick expansion plans for a 2-runway airport, as detailed in the Gatwick Master Plan in October 2018 with overall plan for 3 runways.

Local authorities’ hands are tied, as there are no planning restrictions on growth of the main runway, unlike other airports such as Bristol and Stansted who have recently had expansion refused.

It is simply not feasible for local authorities to be supporting such airport growth, if they are to meet carbon reducing targets; but currently they are unable to oppose as there is no planning restriction on the number of passengers or aircraft movements from the main runway.

Gatwick propose to grow from 46m passengers a year now, to 61m from the main runway, with the local authorities agreeing to this in an extension to the Section 106 legal agreement, which originally expired in December 2015, and now has no conditions to limit growth in any given year.

CAGNE is asking residents to write to the Secretary of State for Transport to ensure that the growth from the main runway is challenged, and that our services are funded out of Gatwick Airport’s profits for any airport growth.

Gatwick is also seeking to grow from 61m to 74m passengers with two runways, by rebuilding the emergency runway as a second runway.

“Our local authorities are always cap-in-hand when it comes to securing money from Gatwick management, due to the lack of planning restrictions; this must change.  And residents must decide if tis continual push for growth by Gatwick management is sustainable for our quality of life and our planet as it will inevitably lead to a significant decline in green spaces as our countryside disappears under concrete to meet Gatwick’s demands and we will face the construction of a mirror image of what surrounds Heathrow today.

The permitted development rights used last year added significant growth to the main runway but came with no funding for the extra passengers and freight entering our roads.  This ‘drip drip’ growth of this airport must be controlled to safeguard our wellbeing, quality of life, environmental damage close to home and worldwide”, concluded CAGNE.

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