Gatwick Airport Announcement for Expansion

“This is simply a second runway by stealth,” says CAGNE in response to the Gatwick Airport announcement on the 18th July that they intend to use the emergency runway on a regular basis which will create a 36% increase in aircraft movements and put around 70m passengers and workers on the M23 and single railway track.

“To use the emergency runway alongside the main runway is in effect a second runway as it will have to be moved by some 12 metres to allow it to be used. As such it is a stealth second runway without the full parliamentary scrutiny or any funding for our roads or railway line that will see a huge increase in passenger and workers numbers migrating into Gatwick.”

This announcement by Gatwick management flies in the face of the government’s announcement for ‘net zero’ by 2050, which aviation is not currently included in. This clearly illustrates that Gatwick’s greed comes before everything and must now be seen as truly the neighbour from hell for all the communities of Sussex, Surrey and Kent that already find aircraft noise unbearable.

Gatwick management clearly ignore the current mood of the UK population, that of Sir David Attenborough and Prince Charles, that we have to act now to save our planet. Aviation is one of the most damaging issues our planet faces today and any saving of CO2 by modern planes will now be lost due to the desire for commercial gain by this airport owners as this plan is in addition to Heathrow expansion.

It is totally disingenuous to the residents of Crawley that Gatwick to continue to safeguard the land for a 3rd runway when Crawley is desperate for land to meet affordable housing demands.”

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