On, Wednesday 26th June, an environmental campaign was launched by CAGNE

On, Wednesday 26th June, an environmental campaign was launched by CAGNE and we ask for your support. 'Pledge to Fly Less ' hopes to raise awareness of what flying is doing to our planet as planes burns fossil fuel.  How aviation is heavily subsidised as it avoids paying VAT and duty on fuel, whilst less [...]

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CAP 1616 Consultation on Route 4 – Stage 2

This the CAGNE response to the CAP 1616 consultation on Route 4 stage 2 - it is extremely unfair that Gatwick have chosen to only consult those under Route 4 leaving those under other westerly routes vulnerable to noise being moved as suggested in the Gatwick stage 2 paper. Stage 3 - the public consultation [...]

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CAGNE meets the new government aircraft noise body

As an aviation umbrella group for Sussex and Surrey, the CAGNE committee met with the commissions of ICCAN, Independent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise, last week to discuss the aircraft noise issues created by Gatwick Airport. “The meeting gave us a unique opportunity to discuss the many noise issues that Gatwick creates for vulnerable communities [...]

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Leisure Travel

After a much-needed Easter boost for the UK economy, community group, CAGNE asks residents to help with the prosperity of our coastal regions whilst helping to reduce climate change by holidaying here in England. Leisure travel overseas hits our coastal areas twice by flying: • Coastal erosion due to climate change • Low cost package [...]

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We hope it’s not a Gatwick Airport April Fool Joke!

Ever since Gatwick Airport removed the noise complaint phone line CAGNE has lobbied to ensure it was replaced and have had some support from local councillors. CAGNE are delighted that from the 1st April Gatwick Airport are returning the noise complaint phone line of 01293 311568. “The CAGNE committee felt strongly that the removal of [...]

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Climate Change

WSCC asked to recognise a Climate Emergency for our county and the planet CAGNE has written to West Sussex County Council councillors as it joins the call for climate change to be taken seriously to the ramifications of every day life, the pressures we place on our planet to be addressed by local elected authorities. Decisions made [...]

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