CAGNE works hard in preparation for when Gatwick Airport returns to normal operations

Stop Gatwick Expansion

CAGNE continues to work hard in preparation for when Gatwick Airport returns to normal operations with 285,000 flights a year and a master plan for growth.

At present, Gatwick has stopped its ‘behind closed doors’ meetings with your local authorities and rail and road agencies concerning plans to rebuild the emergency runway as a second runway.

CAGNE appointed Leigh Day Solicitors back in October 2018 when the Gatwick master plan for a 3-runway airport was launched.  Leigh Day Solicitors’ recent success was the high court ruling over the Heathrow expansion.

The Heathrow ruling doesn’t just deliver a hammer blow to Heathrow’s, it could also have wide-ranging consequences for how climate change is treated by the planning system. The verdict hinged on whether the government should have taken its commitments under the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement into account when it formulated its Airports National Policy Statement (NPS), which was approved by Parliament in June 2018.

Growth of Main Runway

During this time of isolation, put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and write to the Secretary of State for Transport ( or Great Minster House, 33 Horseferry Road, London SW1P 4DR). Demand that planning restriction must be placed on Gatwick Airport’s growth like other airports in the UK.  Download suggested letter here.

Over 20,000 leaflets have been distributed door to door through Sussex, Surrey and Kent to raise awareness.  Sadly, due to the coronavirus, CAGNE will now not be able to hold a roadshow event at Hever Castle during Easter.

Emergency Runway

A very productive conference call with Leigh Day and appointed barrister took place last week to discuss the best way forward to stop Gatwick expansion plans.  It was made clear that CAGNE, and supporters, are not looking to do deals with Gatwick or seek to move noise over other communities, whether new or currently overflown.

3rd Runway Safeguarded Land

CAGNE participated in the two Crawley council consultations.  We support the idea of a 40-year agreement to release the 3rd runway safeguarded land for much needed development, to take the pressure off neighbouring councils as Crawley is land‑barren.


We have had to postpone all Stop Gatwick Expansion fundraising events due to the coronavirus, so please make a donation at to support us if you can.


AGM minutes attached, (Click Here) with details of the ICCAN talk.  CAGNE is now party to the ICCAN noise survey.

A new CAGNE website is being developed, to encapsulate the CAGNE growth as the umbrella aviation community and environmental group for Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

Aircraft Noise

The Gatwick Airport Noise Management Board has been reformed as the Noise Community Forum and the Noise Executive Board.  Sadly, there is little improvement in who Gatwick seeks to engage, leaving major concerns over the future of airspace at Gatwick and how it could impact new areas or increase noise for those that already have little, if any, respite

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