We hope it’s not a Gatwick Airport April Fool Joke!

Ever since Gatwick Airport removed the noise complaint phone line CAGNE has lobbied to ensure it was replaced and have had some support from local councillors. CAGNE are delighted that from the 1st April Gatwick Airport are returning the noise complaint phone line of 01293 311568. “The CAGNE committee felt strongly that the removal of [...]

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Climate Change

WSCC asked to recognise a Climate Emergency for our county and the planet CAGNE has written to West Sussex County Council councillors as it joins the call for climate change to be taken seriously to the ramifications of every day life, the pressures we place on our planet to be addressed by local elected authorities. Decisions made [...]

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Gatwick Airport is playing roulette with peoples lives with their airspace plans for growth

“Gatwick Airport is playing roulette with peoples lives with their airspace plans for growth,” says CAGNE. Stakeholders, elected members, are being asked to play god with peoples lives to who gets targeted aircraft noise and who will be newly overflown at low heights, under 7,000ft. Gatwick Airport management start Stage 1 of the Civil Aviation [...]

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Airspace Modernisation – Gatwick Airport Design Principle Development

Gatwick have only given until 5th April, less than 3 weeks, for stakeholders to consult and respond. https://airspacechange.caa.co.uk/PublicProposalArea?pID=54 This is the first stage – ‘Define’ - of the Civil Aviation Authority six stage CAP 1616 consultation process. Gatwick inform us that they are not consulting individual parish or town councils but are relying upon district [...]

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