The Government Department for Transport Night Flight Consultation

Please find below a link to the final CAGNE response to the night flight consultation. Night Flight Consultation You will find a summary that we hope helps as well as specific answers to each question. We are supporting community feeling that the consultation should be halted as it makes no allowance for the out of [...]

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Conclusions for Route 4 – known by some as the ‘Dorking bulge’

Conclusion of the Route 4 RNAV1 SID Monitoring Period The re-designed Route 4 RNAV1 SID monitoring period came to an end on 26 November 2016. Overall, our assessment of the amendment to this route, as adopted on 26 May 2016, is that it has achieved what it was required to do, in that it has [...]

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Gatwick has more night flights than Heathrow or Stansted Airports

The Government Department for Transport (DfT) has released the long awaited night flight consultation documents. and consultation responses can be submitted using our online response form at Residents only have until 28th February to comment on the proposals. Sally Pavey Chair of CAGNE said: “We would like to see a total ban on Gatwick night flights [...]

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Government Night Flight Consultation – deadline 28th February

The current restrictions on UK night flights expire in October of this year and the Department of Transport ("DTI") are running a consultation on their proposals for the restrictions that will replace them.  They have asked for comments on their proposals and the closing date for  responses is  the 28th February 2017. An excerpt from [...]

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Looking towards 2017

The much anticipated Department for Transport night flight consultation was due out before Christmas but we now hear it will be next week, so please expect another CAGNE Bulletin soon that will need your action as we suspect they will only give us 6 weeks to respond. The next Department for Transport (DfT) consultation will [...]

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Making it Harder to Complain

During Gatwick’s trial flight path of February 2014 Gatwick was inundated by complaints, for every plane that followed the route, over new areas not flown over before, residents in their hundreds were emailing Gatwick for every flight that destroyed their usual tranquility.  The trial, ADNID, finished in August 2014 but left concentrated flight paths (PRNAV [...]

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